Considerations in Medicine publishes review articles highlighting the key points of specially commissioned roundtable discussions. The journal aims to provide balanced, expert overviews of the background and latest clinical developments in selected therapeutic areas, along with perspectives on future research.

Roundtable topics and article contents are selected and compiled by well-respected professionals within the discipline. These faculty participants are independently selected by the Editor in Chief/Chairman of the roundtable. Each participant will be required to complete an ICJME conflict of interest disclosure form prior to participation at the event. Any disclosures, including any personal fees relating to this event, will be published within the articles.

The Considerations in Medicine round tables and publication outputs are produced through an unrestricted educational grant whereby the sponsor has no influence over content, attendees or outputs. The unrestricted educational grant provided has not been and will not be conditioned on or related, in any way, to: (a) any pre-existing or future business relationship with the sponsor; or (b) any business or other decision made or may be made, relating to the sponsor or its products (including coverage or formulary status decisions).

All articles will be peer reviewed by the Editor in Chief, Guest editor, and a member of the Editorial Board.

The round table presentations and subsequent discussion among the experts will be recorded and published alongside the issue articles for full transparency.